• Luke Phillips
    What I like most about living in Prague is actually leaving Prague early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and hitting the Czech Republic’s excellent network of hiking trails. Sometimes I go with friends, sometimes alone but I always finish at a microbrewery! There are now more than 300 in
  • Robert and Lindsay
    Within months of meeting each other in Richmond, Virginia, Lindsey and I decided we needed to see the world together.  After a year of planning, we got on a plane and made our way to Prague.  That was 2005.  We spent a challenging and satisfying 5 weeks going through an
  • Rod Lee
    After doing my 4 week TEFL course in Prague, I was fortunate to find my first teaching job there as well! To be honest, before taking the course I wasn’t convinced teaching English was for me. After all, I was always a shy person who hated speaking in front of
  • Janet Blaize
    Most travel guides recommend learning at least a few token phrases in the native language of the country you are visiting. Things like hello and goodbye, thank you, Where is the toilet? One beer more please; sort of thing. Being the cosmopolitan and experienced traveler that I am, I was
  • Kristine Bornholtz
    Coming to the Czech Republic from the United States to teach English has been a very rewarding experience. Having an education in child development and working my entire career with children, I was excited to teach children in a new cultural environment.  I found that developmentally, children are generally the
  • Nadia Anderson
    Hi! my name is Nadia and this is my entry: Prague is the best city in the world. You will be enchanted by the scenery and the pleasant climate all year long.  Amazing city of mystic places and representative architecture. Thank you!
  • Katie Cloutte
    Have you ever wished you could step foot in your favorite story? Breathe the air, walk around, explore every nook and cranny? In America our only option is a plasticland of rollercoasters and lost children. We were never told there was a real magic kingdom. Czechia: the heart of Europe.
  • Marika Galdava
    My Czech adventure started like this: I moved to Prague from sunny Georgia, a beautiful black sea country to be with my Czech husband. Basically you can say that love brought me to the country which is now my home. Two completely different cultures, languages, lots of misunderstandings… At first
  • Anne Weston
    I came to Prague because while I wanted a change, I had no interest in moving as far away as Asia.  On the surface, culture shock in Europe seems less obvious; however, it is still immediate, and it can be intense.  One should never assume that “similar” Europe gives less
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 by Christine Thompson

I liked the photo and the story behind it. Kind of like the storks were leaving their bird-panelak and going out to the pub for a bit of 'us' time!

 by Zuzana Lebedová

Great read!