Discovering Czech Culture Through Your Students!

After doing my 4 week TEFL course in Prague, I was fortunate to find my first teaching job there as well!

To be honest, before taking the course I wasn’t convinced teaching English was for me. After all, I was always a shy person who hated speaking in front of people!

But the trainers at the TEFL course were so amazingly gifted at giving you the proper tools and preparing you for the life as a teacher that I ended up enjoying it so much and stayed 2 years!

One of the best aspects of the job was getting to know Czech culture through my students. I learned something from each and every single one of them.

Czechs are so open, friendly and proud of their culture that it was an absolute privilege to teach them. I think I learned as much from them as they did from me!

I considered many of them not only my students, but true friends. It was not uncommon to be invited to pubs to share a beer, go on day trips outside Prague or to participate in various sporting activities together!

One of my most memorable experiences was being invited to attend a World Ice Hockey Championship match by one student in the company’s private skybox of Sazka (now O2) Arena – a perfect way to witness firsthand how passionate Czechs are about ice hockey!

Prague will always be very special for me and I largely owe it to my students’ willingness to share their culture!

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