From Marika Galdava

My Czech adventure started like this: I moved to Prague from sunny Georgia, a beautiful black sea country to be with my Czech husband. Basically you can say that love brought me to the country which is now my home.

Two completely different cultures, languages, lots of misunderstandings…

At first it was quite hard to adapt, but then I got a job at Threshold language school.

I started teaching Czech native speakers. As time was passign by, my perception of Czech culture has changed. If I had thought that Czechs were a bit cold, reserved people I realized that it is not like this at all. I would say that they are quite observant from the start and if they call you a friend they really mean it. Czechs think that they have the best beer in the world and frankly speaking it is true, so when you are with Czechs you better order Czech beer:) If you are a newcomer and passing a pub and you hear shouting, roaring, clapping don’t think they are fighting, most probably they are celebrating another victory in ice-hockey:)

And Prague… Prague is a truly cosmopolitan city, still mysterious for me with its vibrant life where there is always something to do,something interesting to discover. Believe me once you catch the heartbeat of the city you will never be bored.

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