Job Guidance

The large majority of our graduates secure employment within a short time after graduation. It is not uncommon for our trainees to receive firm job offers during the four week course. We provide all the assistance that we can to help you find your first job and then will help you whenever you are looking for a new position after that.

Our TEFL career guidance service

TEFL International-Prague provides a comprehensive job guidance service to all course participants.

Before your TEFL course

Prior to starting your course we are available to answer your questions about TEFL careers and the job market situation in different countries around the world. If you wish to start your job search early, we can also provide you with contact information for thousands of language schools across the globe. You are welcome to send us your CV (résumé) for our review. We will investigate the destinations you are interested in and give you tips on how to design your CV for the specific countries of your choice. We will also ask you to let us know if you have any preferences with regard  to teaching specialisation, e.g. teaching young learners, courses for international English exams, Business English and English for Specific Purposes.

During your TEFL course

During the course we will provide you with specialised job guidance on

  • How to interview successfully and enhance your employability in a competitive job market
  • How to write a cover letter, CV, post-interview thank you letter, and follow-up letter
  • What to know about cross-cultural differences when seeking jobs abroad
  • What to consider in terms of teaching contracts, salary, benefits, standard of living

You will also obtain

  • Access to country-specific information on teaching conditions, living standards and key contacts
  • First-hand experience from your trainers about teaching in the Czech Republic, Italy, USA, UK, Spain, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.
  • An extensive list of language schools for the location of your choice worldwide
  • Information on re-locating overseas, e.g. what you need to know about visa and immigration affairs, setting up a business, working freelance, basic facts about taxation and health insurance
  • Contacts to real estate agents and affordable housing providers (for those staying in the Czech Republic and Central & Eastern Europe)
  • Access to teacher networking groups to foster your professional development in teaching

After your TEFL course

  • On graduating, we will be happy to provide you with letters of reference to support your application
  • Our free TEFL careers service is available to you for life! We will be happy to keep in touch and provide you with job guidance wherever in the world you may be. All you have to do is send us an e-mail and we will respond promptly. We have an extensive network of language school contacts in Prague, throughout Central & Eastern Europe, and our TEFL International network spans the globe. We can easily put you in touch with our sister schools in the 20 countries where TEFL International has a presence.