My New Home

When I decided to move to Prague I knew it was going to be an exciting experience, but I never thought I was about to have the time of my life. I moved to Prague in October 2014, did a TEFL course and started to meet people from all over the world immediately. After the course, I found a job teaching English and Spanish and that was just the beginning of my adventure.

My first winter was a bit tough and cold, but making new friends helped me get through it. Spring and summer came along filled with adventures, trips, lovely people and good times. Summer 2015 was the best summer of my life!

After almost 2 years, I’m still studying Czech (it’s very different from Spanish and English) and I’ve learned a lot of interesting facts about this country and its history, personally I find it fascinating. Czech traditions, landscapes, castles, food and beer (the best in the world) are just a few reasons to come to this country.

Leaving my comfort zone was terrifying but what I’ve got back is priceless. I don’t think I have been here that long but somehow Prague is home to me now.

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