Prague, a Way of Life

As my plane was about to touch down at the Vaclav Havel Airport, my mind became flooded with an array of second thoughts.  After all, it’s not easy leaving close friends, family, and everything else one holds dear in life on a whim, particularly to go to a faraway city whose country of residence is unknown to virtually the entire world.  Oh well, I told myself, it’s probably only going to be for about a year anyway, and who knows?  Maybe I’ll have some fun.

What has ensued since has proven to be the most enriching experience, personally, spiritually and otherwise, of my life.  I came hoping to get in touch with old friends, make new ones, travel to familiar places as well as new and exotic ones, and to acquire work experience to help me in my future career.  Four years later, I have been able to accomplish all of those things and more while supporting myself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with a whole slew of wonderful Czech people, who may seem standoffish at first, but are actually some of the friendliest on God’s green Earth.  I have become fully enveloped in a culture ripe with a sort of history and tradition that surpasses American understanding and have also found love in the form of a beautiful woman who may just turn out to be my future wife.

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 8 reviews
 by Chevron with Techron

Great post. Well written and insightful. Brings back memories of my travels to Europe. It really captures the experiences of travel abroad . From initial anxiety to final reward, it's great to see someone express how rewarding traveling in Europe can be.

 by Mario

Prague is a great place and Clay is a great dude. Makes sense that they would get along!

 by Jen Stenstrom

Such a cool outlook on how your life has been going. Positive and looks like a really bright future! Cheers ~ Jen

 by MelissaU

I, too, would love to read more details of your adventures! It's awesome how you took that leap into the unknown and to see 4 years down the road how it has led to many blessings. Thanks for sharing!

 by Kristof von Potifer

A very enjoyable account of a life abroad. Words seeming to encompass a future worth achieving.

 by Jared


 by tarek

Nice thx: )

 by Michael Christensen

It was a very interesting read. Just enough to get the appetite for more. It gave me the feeling I recall when approaching new paths, targets and ultimately adventure. Prague is like a good book, you start, go from page to page and find yourself unable to stop reading.