Course Components

Teaching Practice with Real Students

♦ Including teaching practice with children ♦ Observed by qualified & experienced trainers ♦ more

Teaching practice with children

On this course you have a opportunity to get an experience not only with adults, but also with young learners, which is quite unique in the case of TEFL programmes. ... more

Foreign Language Experience

You will be given a series of lessons in a foreign language to demonstrate the techniques and approaches which you will use in your own lessons. The lessons are ... more

Lesson Observations

You will observe your trainers, other experienced teachers and your peers teach throughout the course and will participate in post-lesson discussion sessions to ... more

Input Sessions – Methodology

You will participate in sessions covering the main areas of language teaching methodology. These sessions (all led by a very experienced teacher) are not lectures ... more

Input Sessions – Language Awareness

We have sessions on the main areas of grammar, lexis and phonology (the sound system of English) that you will need to know before you go into the classroom. Most ... more

Materials Assignment

In the final week of the course your lessons will be based on self-produced or adapted authentic materials. We are very fortunate to have one of the top people in ... more