Upon Arrival

During the first lesson day there is a welcome breakfast prepared for you. This informal beginning helps us to get to know you and your expectations about the course. You will receive a booklet with information about the staff and people who are important for you when doing the TEFL course with the information what are they responsible for, the schedule of the course, there will be explained to you what are the conditions to successfully pass the course and exams and some useful general information:

  • You will be advised what are the possibilities to arrange a mobile phone in the Czech Republic and if you will need we can also borrow you the mobile phone to give you time have a look on the possibilities and prices of the mobile phones and tariffs. We give you also information what are the general rules and number order for calling abroad or to the paid numbers.
  • You will also receive the detailed information about the public transport here in Prague and an overview of the different tariffs and tickets you can buy. We provide you a plan of the metro, tram and the bus infrastructure here in Prague in order to help you with the orientation when traveling in the city.
  • During your stay in Prague you will have full internet accessibility in our language school. After arrival we give you the login and password you will use during your stay here.
  • Additional advices about tourist offices, supermarkets and grocery shops, banks and cash machines, dry cleaners, going out, eating, safety is also included.
  • In case of some emergency you will also receive an overview of the emergency and medical care, important phone numbers, phone numbers needed when loosing a credit card and the list of consulates of particular countries.

The same day in the evening you can look forward to a common evening with your colleagues and the TEFL trainers and staff of our language school with dinner included.

It is recommended to arrive 2 days before the course starts because there is a Prague tour with the guide during the weekend.

Students who were interested in the airport pick up service will be taken by the taxi driver organized by school to their apartment.