Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Terms

The 360 Euro deposit is non-refundable. However, if you need to cancel, you may transfer your 360 Euro deposit once, for no charge, to a future available course as long as you cancel two weeks before the course start date. If you need to cancel a second time, there’s a 100 Euro fee to move your reservation.

Your course balance is due four weeks before the course start date, in order to continue your reservation.

If you cancel at least two weeks before the course start date you can receive a refund on your balance (minus the 360 Euro deposit).

If you cancel less than two weeks before the course, there is no refund on your tuition, but you may transfer your tuition to a future TEFL course for a 100 Euro fee.

If you book housing through us, you cannot start the course until your housing fee is paid in full to the housing owner upon arrival.

Special Payment Plan

You pay the deposit of 450 Euro (equivalent to the first instalment) four weeks before the course starts to reserve your place. The course reservation is only valid after the first instalment has been transferred to our bank account. This first instalment is non-refundable.

The balance of 700 Euro will be divided into two instalments. The first one (350 Euro) is due 3 months after the course and the second one (350 Euro) is due 6 months after the course.

The balance can also be paid any sooner than stated above.

If you do not pay your instalment by the due date, you will be assessed a late payment charge of 150 Euro.

The certificate will be delivered to you only after the last payment has been made. In case that the certificate cannot be delivered to an address in the Czech Republic, the certificate will be delivered on your expenses to an address provided by you. It is your responsibility to provide our TEFL centre with a valid address.

Before you receive your TEFL certificate, you can prove your completion of the course by a temporary acknowledgement issued by Language and Training – TEFL International Prague.

The three instalments option cannot be combined with any other special offer or discount.


Language & Training, s.r.o. is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. Language & Training, s.r.o. is also not responsible for your health, safety, and/or general welfare.


100% attendance is required. If you miss a day you will need to get notes from a classmate in order to catch up. If you are sick, try to still come to sessions, if you are well enough. See the office staff for contacts to a doctor. If you miss any more than 3 days (with a doctor’s note) you must come back on a future available course to make up sessions otherwise you will not be able to receive your certificate. If you do not have a doctor’s note and you miss class, you will also not be able to receive the certificate.


All details regarding the outline of the class and how you’re graded can be found here: http://www.praguetefl.com/about-the-tefl-course/course-overview/


If you disrupt the class because of inappropriate behavior or conduct, you will be asked to leave the course without a refund.

Inappropriate behaviour during the course including but not limited to theft, violence, and substance abuse may result in immediate removal from the student accommodations without refund.

General Health and Medical

Health and/or traveller’s insurance to cover you in the event of illness, accident, or death is your responsibility. You must provide your own health and accident insurance and not hold Language & Training, s.r.o. responsible for your health, injury, or death at any time prior to, during, or after completion of the course.

If you have a medical condition that could potentially affect your attendance, training, or the training of your peers, you will notify Language & Training, s.r.o. in advance.


All materials provided by Language & Training, s.r.o. before, during and after the course are the property of Language & Training, s.r.o. and can not be reproduced without the consent of Language & Training, s.r.o. and TEFL International. In case of reproduction offenders will be prosecuted.


**By paying the course deposit you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully. You are entering into an agreement.**